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Android Kitkat and Exchange Issue Solved

Android Kitkat and Exchange Issue Solved

I’ve learned early on that, when you get an android, you are going to get quirks in the OS.  If it is not half-baked, it is most certainly not quite baked. There’s no question that […]

Dec, 08 · in Email

Officejet Pro X476DN

When I say this is the ultimate inkjet printer, I am not speaking in hyperbole.  This is the printer that inkjet technology was reaching for when it was first envisioned.  The print head is 8.5″ […]

Jul, 25 · in Business
CNet is evil

CNet is evil

Once the home respository of free, useful programs for the PC, has become an evil entity that is the pawn of CBS and seeks profit by installing malware on your computer. has been […]

Feb, 16

Ultralites have arrived!

When Apple introduced the Macbook Air, it raised the bar to a standard to impossibly high PC manufacturers were left standing with just screwdrivers in hand. They had nothing to compare with something that looked […]

Jul, 20

Apple’s Sorry Record of Abuses in China

Mike Daisey has crafted a brilliant monologue of the genius of Steve Jobs and Apple’s deal with the devil to create their products by hand in China. He has made the transcript available for download […]

Mar, 07

Your Color Laser Printer Reveals Who You Are

One of the more maddening aspects of printing in the 21st Century is having your printer refuse to print a black and white document because you are out of color ink. It is nonsensical. However, […]

Nov, 18 scam (spam marketing)

Were you tagged in a photo stored at I doubt it. If you should receive an email purporting to be from a friend and it notifies you that your friend has tagged you in […]

Jul, 17



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